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Shibuya 7th FLOOR 2015
illustration for Shibuya 7th FLOOR
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市議会だよりさいたま 表紙イラスト
How to kill a chicken and cow
I want to know these things
プレジデントファミリー BOOK in BOOK
Shibuya 7th FLOOR 2016
“Itadakimasu” is a Japanese phrase before a meal. It literally means “I humbly recieve” to express the gratitude for everyone and everything relating to our meal. When we see a piece of bread for breakfast, we conjure up the image of farmers who are working under the sun in a broad wheat field.When we see a chicken grilled until golden, we remember one animal was actually killed, then we say “Itadakimasu” to eat them venerably. We hope “ITADAKIMASU” gives you some kind of nice hints to think about your daily life and the social problems.
港北ニュータウン タウン誌表紙イラスト(両面)
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